Stimulus Package
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As American life grinds to a halt, all facets of our normal routines are feeling the effect. This as Congress is working to get money into the hands of citizens who need it most. As Coronavirus cases around the country increase, Congress is working to pass relief for a Nation largely put on pause. Lawmakers are working to hammer out more than Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package to ease the financial fallout for individuals and businesses. Following a bipartisan meeting Sunday morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the back and forth between the GOP and Democratic Leaders needs to stop in order to pass this timely legislation. But, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the House will introduce their own Draft Bill as Congress tries to determine exactly how the aid will be distributed to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Meanwhile, Lawmakers in the center of the fight against the virus say things for Americans and our health care system are only going to get worse. A Final Vote could come as early as Monday.