Freedom Rally
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A second amendment rally is underway and Blair County.organizers say the event is designed to educate the public on current gun laws. Marshall Keely is at the rally and joins us live to explain its purpose and tells us more about a special guest. Marshall. I am at the Altoona Grand Hotel, where a second amendment freedom rally is underway behind me. The event will feature a panel of experts on gun laws. The event was put on by Altoona based company, Survival Mindset. The founder says this is the first event of this type his company has organized.he says they will focus on current and future gun legislation. One of the panelists will talk about red flag laws, weighing the pros and cons. The event began with an hour of networking. Tonight, Stephen Williford will address the crowd. He is credited with stopping a mass shooting in a Texas church several years ago. Blair county sheriff James Ott will also answer questions from the audience near the end of the event. "This is designed as an information session, so for people who want a better understanding of what does the law currently state? What are some of the things being considered and what do all of us need to know?"