Summers on Allen
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This proposal which has been talked about for decades here when set up a pedestrian mall on one other a block for a few weeks this upcoming summer picked up plan does have some opponents, couple of stores along South Allen Street have not gone to court to block it and what could be called the technicality. The question of the council vote that approved the program. Envisioned is a pedestrian mall that would bring people to stay college during a time that is usually slower for downtown businesses. Four of those businesses connecting pull computers and woodlands floral have filed a suit as a group named assets new members took office in January and that borough council approved the plan according to assets the latest vote violates boroughs rules of procedure and they want the vote nullified an attorney for the group outline their opposition. You want to close down a major portion of the shopping district of downtown State College for cramming we don't even know what it is yet. It is a big risk to the businesses who are there. The two pedestrian mall proposal was aimed at simply a trial run for the long considered idea.