Bedford ICU Closed
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UPMC Bedford has placed its Intensive Care Unit on hiatus as staff from the unit assist other hospital departments dealing with a high influx of acute inpatient admissions, officials say. Officials say this time of year is typically the busiest for hospitals. "These transitions were made in order to continue to provide high quality inpatient care to those with conditions we could safely manage and treat at UPMC Bedford," a hospital spokesperson said. To ensure patients get the highest quality care, hospital officials say patients needing ICU- level care will be transferred from UPMC Bedford to either UPMC Altoona or other facilities that can provide the higher quality care. Officials say the change is only temporary and they expect to continue providing ICU-level care at UPMC Bedford after hospital leadership evaluates the situation further. "UPMC Bedford continues to recruit nurses, patient care technicians, and other health care professionals to our hospital to expand our complement of regional care services. We are always evaluating our services to ensure we're providing the highest and safest level of care for every patient, every time," officials said.