Somerset Fire
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A family of four in Somerset County woke up early this morning to smoke filling their house. One of the sons was able to make it out of his bedroom in record time. The Taylor family believes an electrical problem was the cause of the fire at their home. But tonight, they are especially thankful for the lessons learned by their son, Hunter at school. Hunter Taylor woke up hours before he normally does on a school day. He says he knew something was wrong. "When I woke up it was because my throat was burning. So, I tucked my face into one of my stuffed animals and when I looked up to see what was going on, I saw smoke. So, I tucked my head into my one stuffed animal," said Hunter. That smoke alerted Hunter to take action. He remembered what he learned during fire prevention week in school. "So then I was like what should I do. I remembered to crawl on the floor. I got to the floor but that didn�t help because of how thick the smoke was. So, I tried to find a shirt when I grabbed a shirt I immediately started crawling to the door because I still had some air. I got to the stairs and I started going down the stair," said Hunter. Hunter and his brother were reunited outside on the front porch but there was no sight of their mom and dad. "I noticed how much smoke was coming out. And then my brother ran back in to knock on my parents door hard. Their room apparently didn't have any smoke in there. So, they got up and got out of the house," said Hunter. The Taylors are staying with family while their home is being repaired. All of their pets are alive too, their three dogs, cat and Hunter's pet bird.