Police say They Arrested the Wrong Person
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Welcome to WATM news centre. We got the wrong man. That is what state police are saying tonight after they arrested a man from state college with making terroristic threats towards a Blair County school district last week. But, they now have a warrant for a different person. Marshall Keely spoke to the district attorney about what went wrong he joins us live with the latest on this case. Last week, every school in Hollidaysburg area school district received terroristic threats, phone calls made by an individual identifying himself as Mr. Fantastic. Blair county district attorney said they have to take those threats seriously and act quickly. Court documents say the caller warned something was going to happen very quickly. It gave a deadline of 5:00 pm last Friday. Consiglio says two school administrators identified the color as a former intern of the district. Police arrested and charge him with making terroristic threats and risking catastrophe on Friday. Meanwhile Consiglio said the Logan Township police put out a warrant for Javier Cantos in connection with a different case. Consiglio said they discovered that he was in the hospital. Javier cantos is also ties to the Hollidaysburg are school district after obtaining a search warrant Consiglio said state police found messages on his phone. On Sunday, state police announced they will withdraw all charges against the former intern. Despite the result, Consiglio said the police responded to the threat appropriately. "Actions had to be taken. Right now, obviously, they were wrong. It is because of the consequences of what happened. Again, the police did what they had to do. It is under the circumstances." State police said they have been unable to serve the warrant for Javier Cantos' arrest at this point.