Former School Intern Arrested
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A disgruntled former school district intern has been charged after leaving threatening phone messages at all of Hollidaysburg's school facilities, investigators say. Police say 31-year-old Scott Vinosky, of State College, is facing charges related to terroristic threats and risking catastrophe after he called every school facility in the Hollidaysburg district Wednesday and demanded the school make changes to keep the planet safe. According to a criminal complaint, officers on Thursday morning responded to Longer Elementary School, where they first heard the messages of a man who referred to himself as Mr. Fantastic. In the message, the man, later identified as Vinosky, gave a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday for school officials to reallocate resources to help save the world, or else he'd be forced to do something he really don't like doing, the complaint says. Police say the message ended with Vinosky saying he had more calls to make and have a blessed deadline date. According to police, Vinosky left similar messages at all five schools in the district. School officials were able to identify the voice in the messages as Vinosky, who was a former counseling intern at the district through Indiana University of Pennsylvania. According to the complaint, Vinosky´┐Żs internship was terminated the week prior, after officials say he violated multiple school policies, including meeting with students without his supervisors present and not following proper procedures for making Childline reports. Vinosky is being held in the Blair County Prison on $10,000 bail. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Dec. 3.