Racial Comments made by Students
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A school district in Cambria County is responding to racist comments it says were made by several of its students. The Richland School District released a statement Sunday responding to the incident that took place at a school event Sunday. According to a statement by Richland School District Superintendent Arnold Nadonley, racist and inappropriate comments were made by juvenile students in a video on social media. The incident took place Sunday at a school event at another district. "Based on our preliminary investigation, what it appears is that some of our students were at a cheerleading competition and they were communicating with students outside our district. And some negativity developed in the conversation. And unfortunately, our students responded and didn't take the high road and said inappropriate things that just aren't acceptable to us," Nadonley said. The superintendent sent out the statement Sunday just hours after the incident was reported to him by a parent. Nadonley believes it is important to communicate with the students and parents in the school district. "I think it's important for the public to know that we are not hiding anything. The truth is the easiest thing to remember. Some good kids made some bad errors here. This is a life-teaching moment for them. And we'll get better over it and they'll get better over it,� Nadonley said. Nadonley says the students who were involved in this incident will be disciplined. "The biggest challenge is the public wants to know details. And we simply do not release that. It is federal and state law that we cannot release that for confidentiality reasons. Many times, when I get parents who call me, they want to know. And I simply tell them, ya know. we wouldn't do that to your children and we're not going to do that to anyone else," Nadonley said. Nadonley says the school district is still investigating the incident. He also said parents and students have been very cooperative.