Parvo Case Closes Shelter
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An important announcement from our friends at the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society. The organization announced Saturday Morning a stray dog brought into their facility tested positive for Parvo which immediately sent the dog side of the shelter into quarantine. This means no dogs are permitted to enter or leave the shelter for the next two weeks. But, if you still would like to adopt a little furry kitty, the cat side of the shelter will remain open. Because of the Parvo case, the shelter is in need of a few items to help the pup recover and keep the shelter clean to prevent an outbreak. The only food the sick dog will eat is jarred baby food. They only have a few jars on hand and are in need of a few more to help the dog recover. They are also asking for towels, fitted and flat sheets, and bleach to sanitize the shelter. Donations can be dropped off at the Central PA Humane Society on East Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona.