Insensitive Video Posted
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The State College Area School District sent a letter to district parents Friday regarding a racially insensitive video created by a high school student. District officials say they were made aware of the video Thursday evening. According to the district, the video was created outside of school and was shared on social media by another student. Officials say they have identified the students and are working with them and their families. Superintendent Bob O'Donnell and State High Principal Curtis Johnson said in a joint statement "In our district, we have no tolerance for racist behavior and will always address these acts immediately, While this act didn't happen in school, our student handbook states that behavior causing a school disturbance will have consequences. Therefore, the students involved will be held accountable for their behavior." The district also says they feel concern for the community and acknowledge the hurt the video caused. "While today is a tough day, we stand firm on our core belief of equity and inclusivity for all of our students," the statement read. District officials say they will not release the video or transcripts of what was said.