All Girls Hockey League
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Girls in Johnstown can now play on a hockey league of their own. For the first time in the 53-year history of the Johnstown Warriors, there is now a team just for girls. The team made up of 16 girls ranging from ages 8 to 12 practices at the War Memorial under head coach Sheri Hudspeth and assistant coach Quinn Hunter. Hudspeth, a former National Women's Hockey League player, knows just how important it is for girls to play on their own team. "Boys need to win to have fun whereas girls need to have fun to win, so it's like a little bit different culture with girls hockey versus boys hockey," said Hudspeth. For some members of the team, it's their first time playing with just girls since coed teams used to be their only option to play the game. "It was a lot more rough than playing on an all girls team," said Johnstown Warrior Emily Purdy. Hudspeth and Hunter said they've noticed a drastic change in the way the girls play, especially with one another. They said the biggest improvement they've noticed is the girls' confidence. "The guys are more advanced in a sense when you're out there and you're the only girl so you try to keep up with them, but to a point where they kind of look down on you. So when they're out there with the girls trying new moves they're progressing themselves when they're out there," said Hunter. The girls have also noticed a difference playing on an all girls team versus a coed team. "I always know I have another girl to pick me up right behind if I mess up or anything," said Purdy. The new Johnstown Warriors all girls team plays in the PAHL peewee division against other teams from State College, Wheeling, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh. Their next home game at the War Memorial is on Sunday, Nov. 3. The Johnstown Warriors were able to get the team off the ground with a donation from the Sunnehanna Amateur Foundation on behalf of Don Hall and his family.