Williams Finally Graduates Highschool
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A World War II veteran received the surprise of a lifetime. In the 1940s the navy sailor put school on hold to help his family and serve his country. Today Earl Dennis Williams heard his name called at his high school graduation ceremony. He is the most recent graduate of the class of 1943. Williams received his Conemaugh Valley High School diploma at a ceremony inside the Van Zandt VA Medical Center. He grew up in Franklin borough in Cambria County. During his high school years he worked in the steel mills to support the family. He remembers the day of the attacks on pearl harbor and the message from President Roosevelt. When he saw the wreckage with his own eyes he was in disbelief. He said he has been blessed his entire life but never thought he would get his diploma. He was overcome with emotion. "We appreciate our servicemen and women. World war ii is history to us. To see someone like that who has been through the action and to say when Pearl Harbor was bombed, is I decided to sign up for service. That is amazing." "God blessed me and gave me anything that I needed. The lord has always got something for you. And I thank him." They helped make the graduation possible. It was hard to keep the secret from him because when she would ask for information about his history, he would ask her what she was up to. But judging from his reaction the suprize worked to perfection.