Involuntary Manslaughter Charges
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State College police say two people have been charged following the death of their 8-week-old son. Court documents show 24-year-old Tyler Baney and 20-year-old Ciara Steffey were charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of children following the baby's death in February. According to police, Baney and Steffey called 911 after finding the baby unresponsive in his sleeper on Feb. 1. Police say the baby was in full rigor and was pronounced dead at the couple's White Rock Avenue home. According to a criminal complaint, the baby had small hemorrhages and additional bruising around his face. An autopsy determined the child also had a fractured rib and an extensive subdural hemorrhage. According to the complaint, the cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the baby's head. Baney and Steffey were interviewed by police, telling them they were unsure how the baby suffered the injuries, the complaint says. Police say the couple admitted to being under the supervision of Centre County Child and Youth Services due to a history of drug use. Police say the couple also have a history of physical abuse. According to the complaint, police found several text messages and videos showing the two engaging in alcohol and drug use. Police say they also found a text from Steffey telling her mother 10 days before the baby's death that he had several bruises on his body, saying, "It looks like he was beat up." In March, Baney and Steffey agreed to a polygraph examination, according to the complaint. Police say during the examination, Baney and Steffey admitted to taking several shots of rum the night the baby died. The couple also admitted that at some point during the night the baby fell on the floor head-first, according to the complaint. According to the complaint, Steffey and Baney's failure to get treatment for the baby was a contributing factor to his death. The couple remains out of jail on unsecured bonds.