Brother Offers Emotional Tribute
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People in our region are already beginning to honor the victims of Sept. 11, 2001. The brother of one of the victims of Flight 93 shared his emotional tribute with local students Tuesday. The school's auditorium filled with almost 600 students to listen to the president of the Families of Flight 93, Gordon Felt. And a special group of students got the chance to ask questions about his personal experiences. A group of seniors from a video production class at Conemaugh Township High School is getting a chance to put their skills to the test by working on a project about Flight 93. "I find this kind of stuff really interesting, like learning about our history. I just find it crazy how some of our teachers were in school at that time and, like, saw it on the news. I think it's interesting to hear people's stories of what they were doing that day," said Conemaugh Township High School senior Hannah Persio. Felt's brother, Edward, was a passenger on Flight 93. Felt says it's important to teach young people about that day. "To these students, it's something you read in a textbook unless you can talk to people who had firsthand experiences on that day. I think it's critical that we continue the dialogue and we continue to tell the stories. And we help these students understand how it was real and it is more than just a story," Felt said. On the anniversary of Sept. 11, the group of students will travel to the Flight 93 Memorial with media passes and get to hear from others who personally experienced the tragic events. "It's just really cool how it means so much to the people around us, but obviously, we didn't get to experience this. But I am excited to go tomorrow and see everybody else's perspective," said Conemaugh Township High School senior Brittney Snyder.