Elk Tangled in a Fence
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A bull elk became tangled in a fence Wednesday in Elk County and needed some help from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Game commission officials say they received several calls Wednesday morning about a bull elk who got his antlers tangled in a fence in Benezette near Winslow Hill Road. Two game wardens and a game commission elk biologist responded to the call to sedate the animal and free it from its entanglement. According to the game commission, both of the elk's 6 foot by 5 foot antlers got tangled, trapping it in more than 20 feet of woven wire that became twisted around a tree. Officials say the elk�s vitals were constantly monitored while it was sedated and was in excellent health other than being exhausted from trying to escape its entanglement. A GPS collar was fitted around its neck to track his movements and make sure he�s healthy after the stressful event. Game commission officials say had someone not intervened, the elk would have likely experienced an agonizing death. The game commission encourages Elk County property owners to remove old wire fencing and secure loose hanging objects in or near trees so elk will not become entangled in them. They say some of the most common things elks get tangled in are rope swings, extension cords, swing sets Christmas lights or other decorative lighting.