District Attorney General Report
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Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala says evidence in the kidnapping and death of Nalani Johnson shows her abductor was the only person involved in her death, according to NBC affiliate WPXI. Johnson's body was found in a wooded area in a Blairsville park Tuesday evening. Authoritie told several media outlets that the girl was found still buckled in a car seat and suspect she was killed before being dropped off in Pine Ridge Park. Authorities say there were no visible signs of trauma. Allegheny County officials say Johnson was abducted Saturday in Penn Hills by 25-year-old Sharena Islam Nancy. Nancy was charged with the girl's kidnapping. The FBI and local authorities are asking that anyone who may know something about the girl's abduction should contact authorities immediately. Officials are also asking that any businesses that may have surveillance video of the Route 22 corridor to give the footage over to investigators for review. Coroner Jerry Overman Jr. has released a statement to inform everyone that regardless of what has been stated, he has NOT made an official ruling in the death of 2-year-old Nalani Johnson. This statement would, in fact, retract previous reports that stated it was ruled a homicide. Overman said in his release No reports of the cause of death or manner of death has been released by the Indiana County Coroner at this time, again due to not having the results. I heard of several different causes of death over the past couple of days which none of the causes of death have been confirmed or released by Coroner Jerry Overman or will be confirmed or released until all testing and reports are received at the Indiana County Coroner's Office.