PFA Was Filed
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Court paperwork shows the mother of Nalani Johnson filed for a protection from abuse order from the girl's father earlier this year, according to CNN affiliate KDKA. KDKA's Meghan Schiller reports that paperwork shows Nalani's mother, Gladys Duarte, filed the temporary PFA from the girl's father, Paul Johnson, on April 15. Schiller reports that Duarte accused Johnson of threatening to harm her and then admitted to almost killing Nalani, and the PFA listed the girl as a protected person. Court documents show the PFA expired when Duarte did not show up to her scheduled court appearance April 30 to finalize the PFA, KDKA reports. Police say Nalani Johnson was abducted from the Penn Hills area Saturday, prompting an Amber Alert and a massive search for the 2-year-old. Her body was found Tuesday in a Blairsville park about 40 miles east of where investigators say she was taken. Police arrested 25-year-old Sharena Islam Nancy on kidnapping and other felony charges related to the case. According to the Associated Press, authorities say Nancy was found to be romantically involved with the girl's father. An autopsy to determine the manner and the cause of Nalani Johnson´┐Żs death is scheduled for Wednesday.