Daycare Regulations
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A look at child day care state inspections after deadly day care fire in Erie, Pa. After hearing this tragic story, some may be wondering what day care centers especially those based in homes go through during an inspection.We spoke with Crisse Elliott, the director of YWCA Kuddle Korner in Windber. She acknowledges that her facility isn't an overnight one, but she knows about inspections. She tells us the state department of human services does yearly inspections of day care centers. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is responsible for enforcing state codes for child day care centers. According to the human services website, specific codes which fall under fire safety include having a smoke alarm on each floor of a building, which wasn't the case being reported in Erie, Pennsylvania. Initial reports say it had just one. Day cares must also have fire evacuation routes posted inside the building. The human services website also says fire drills should be held at least every 60 days. Day care centers must document every fire drill that is performed in the facility. Human services then checks day care centers logs for fire drills once a year. According to their website, they look at several specific details when it comes to fire drills. "They'll make sure we are putting down our hypothetical locations, how many children are in attendance for that day, how many staff are here, and they also how much time it took us to get out of the building," YWCA Kuddle Korner Director, Crisse Elliott.