Three More Looking at Charges
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Three people are facing charges stemming from what police call a hostage situation in Ferndale last week, according to Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan. This all began when Ferndale and other local police departments surrounded a home on Summit Avenue Thursday morning after a woman inside called 911. Callihan told 6 News last week that during the incident, a man and a woman, who were being held against their will, escaped the home from a second story window into police protection. Three individuals in the home voluntarily surrendered to police and were taken into custody, but were later released as police continued to investigate. During the investigation, police searched the home on Summit Avenue as well as one in Dale Borough to collect evidence. Tuesday, Ferndale police filed charges against Emerald Nugent, his wife Star Nugent and an unidentified 16-year-old female relative. Investigators say the Nugents forced the alleged victims to leave a property in Windber by threatening to kill them. Police say Emerald Nugent and an unknown man had already assaulted one of the alleged victims and had also threatened their families. One of the alleged victims knew Emerald Nugent from purchasing drugs from him in the past, police say. Fearing for their safety, police say the two people went with the Nugents to the home on Summit Avenue, where they were forced to perform work. Police say one of the alleged victims was forced to perform sex acts on three individuals, which was arranged by Emerald Nugent. According to police, the Nugents and the girl were all present for the duration of the captivity and the arrangements of the sexual assaults.