Everett Man Indicted
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An Everett man was indicted by a federal grand jury in Johnstown after investigators say he was selling guns that were stolen from a federal facility, authorities announced Tuesday. According to the indictment presented to the court, 38-year-old Richard Schreiber purchased multiple stolen guns, gun components and ammunition from Christopher Yates between Aug. 30, 2016, and March 4, 2019. Investigators say Yates was an employee of Allied Security and worked at NFAD, which was a facility used by ATF and other law enforcement agencies to have firearms and ammunition destroyed after being seized during criminal investigations or were retired by the agencies. The investigation started in February of 2019 when a gun was seized in Philadelphia and found to have different serial numbers one of which was supposed to have been destroyed at NFAD. During the course of the investigation, authorities say they learned Yates had stolen at least five machine guns, 115 handguns and 3,000 slides and ammunition. Investigators say Schreiber would sell the guns and components online from his home in Everett. Investigators say the seized nine guns from Yates, including a machine gun stolen from NFAD and 11 firearms from people Yates sold the stolen weapons to. Authorities also seized 101 guns, 1,352 slides and 123,229 rounds of ammunition from Schreiber and 28 guns including three machine guns from people Schreiber had sold the firearms to. Yates is facing similar charges in West Virginia. If convicted, Schreiber could face a maximum total sentence of 65 years in prison, a $2 million fine or both.