New Cadet Class
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This week, a group of students in Cambria County are learning what it takes to be part of a law enforcement team. Forty-eight cadets, ranging from ages 12 to 15, were selected to attend the weeklong camp at Mount Aloysius College. The camp is run by members of the Pennsylvania State Police and is structured out of the State Police Academy. It's geared toward teens interested in military, fire and police, or who just want to challenge themselves. "We want to teach these kids discipline, teach them that they can do stuff without quitting," says Trooper Robert Kunsman. "We emphasize there is no quitting at this camp. We want a 100% out of each kid, and as long as they give us that 100% and don't quit on themselves, they get through the week. We push them into that." Throughout the week, the cadets will train hands on in first aid and CPR, self-defense and much more. Then, by the end of the week, they attend the cadet graduation ceremony to celebrate.