Testimony Begins in Local Trial
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Witness testimony began Tuesday in the Johnstown homicide trial of a man accused of killing a woman in 2017. When testimony wrapped up for the day more details had been revealed about the case. Larry Fason is charged with killing Angela Lunn in 2017. Tuesday, the commonwealth called its witnesses to the stand. The trial began with a jury view around 11. Jurors, the prosecutor and the defense went to the location where Lunn's body was found at 91 Messenger St. in Johnstown. Witness testimony began with Layton Brandon, a resident in the apartment building on Messenger Street. He is the man who says he discovered Lunn's body in the alley. He then notified a neighbor to call 911. Johnstown police officer Kevin Fickes was the first officer who arrived and secured the scene on Nov. 5, 2017. Fickes testified that he found droplets of blood from Lunn's body on the back stairwell of the apartment building, up to the third-floor rear door of Fason's apartment. Johnstown detective Mark Brittin testified that he filed the search warrant for Fason's apartment and a body warrant for Fason. Detective Sgt. Cory Adams testified that he collected video footage from a camera pointed near the trash where Lunn's body was found. The video footage showed at around 6:28 a.m. on Nov. 5, 2017, a person believed to be Fason, carrying the body of someone believed to be Lunn, wearing the black jacket that Lunn was wearing when her body was found. The trial is appearing to go faster than expected. Adams commented that he expected to take the stand Wednesday but instead testified Tuesday. The trial will continue the remainder of this week.