Cell Tower Dispute
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Many of us are used to driving through or living in cellphone dead zones, those areas that don't have cellphone service. For more than a year, the idea of putting a cellphone tower near the Westmont hilltop high school has been discussed and finally planned. But now, some people are raising concerns about health, safety and property value issues they say could be associated with the tower. Residents in opposition of the proposed cellphone tower filled the courtroom Wednesday, hoping the judge would overrule the decision to build a cell tower near the high school. In March, we reported some of their concerns about falling ice and decreases to their property values for living close to a cell tower. Those residents filed a motion to submit more evidence and stop the tower's construction or location. That request was submitted just last Friday. Judge Fred Creany denied hearing the new evidence so that the record would not be reopened. Attorney Mike Parish argued that the cellphone tower is essential. Many people want the tower for better cell service, which they say will help the school during emergencies. People on both sides of the argument were in the courtroom awaiting an answer. "For the school, for the nursing home there, Laurel Wood Nursing Care Center I mean these are major facilities that are taking care of people. You know you need to have a good contact. I just feel bad that how it was spoken in this hearing that we have to move ahead There has to be change," said Upper Yoder resident Joan Webb. Post hearing briefs will be submitted on or before next Friday, July 19.