Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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All season the State College Spikes are honoring and remembering a former bench coach who in his short life inspired people all around the world. Candace Martino has a look in this week's civic service report. A friend teammate and coach, a 14-year-old boy that captured the hearts of baseball fans around the world. "When he walked into a room everybody felt that, everybody knew it, and he really lifted everybody spirits. He was himself, he is Josiah Viera" he is Josiah Viera he was born with Hutchinson Gill Ford Progeria a rapidly aging disease. "He was never give up kind of kid. One thing he said before he passed away was there is more to life than baseball." A life gone far too soon in one that will for ever live on etched in right field at Lubrano Park. "We came together with a plan that that was not only a one- time occurrence but also a season-long and permanent. Make you say that's pretty cool are awesome, he would not think a whole lot about it. He would just that kind of kid." The State College honored that bench coach by retiring his jersey along with a season patch. When you take a look at the patch it was a baseball diamond that Josiah drew himself. "We thought what a better graphic to put on the players sleeves and something that Josiah literally did himself." Now his joyful spirit will serve as a reminder just as the 2018 all-star game did for him. "His highlight of his career I think was last year because he let me know about it. When they left to change the picture he said he did it the year before the playoff games up in new york but this year was special because it wasn't one of the home crowd." Josiah would later suffer from a broken leg making that his last trip to the field but he always kept the team close by. "Friend of the family made it wooden stove -- now we have a mini oven and stuck it in there and one burner on the top. He was proud of that oh my word he was proud of that." Proud like his family who watched him live out his dream "if you have the opportunity to be around someone like josiah I think it goes a long way just in developing them as a person "life is going to throw you curve balls. It's how you handle it and then you fall down and you get back up again. That's what Josiah did." He is a forever friend,forever team mate and now a forever memory