Abuse Signs
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In your mind, if you picture a child abuser, you probably think of the creepy stranger in the shadows. The reality is more than 90 percent of victims know their abuser. And the abuse often happens in plain sight. Jimmy Hinton's life changed forever when he learned from a relative that his minister father was a serial child abuser. Since then, Jimmy has made it his life work to find out how these monsters operate. "Abusers are well known, they're well respected, they're well loved, and their socially skilled," Jimmy Hinton said. "Most of these people at some point are abusing their victims right in front of us." Talking to local law enforcement today in suburban Johnstown on Thursday he told them it's not as simple as the so-called obvious red flags, but more sleight of hand. "Sexual abuse is one of the most unidentifiable crimes that exist and we know abusers get away with it at alarming rates," Hinton said. "For me, there was a link between techniques that abusers were using and what magicians were using."