Uptick in Meth Use
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Local law enforcement officials saying the heroin epidemic in Pennsylvania could be turning into a Methamphetamine epidemic. Blair county sheriff James Ott has seen an uptick in both trafficking and use. The sheriff says Meth use actually poses more of a threat to public safety. "That's right. Meth in Pa. is on the rise according to the sheriff. Blair county is no exception. He says the paranoia and aggression associated with the drug has led to more violent encounters. He says individuals under the influence of Methamphetamine are more violent than those using heroin. He says this creates a safety concern for the public, law enforcement and the individual. He says in the past it often originated from individual produces, and while he died doesn't deny they don't exist, he says much of the supply is coming from the southern border. He says markings on bags in investigations by narcotics officers traced drugs in central pa back to larger cities like New York and Philadelphia, and then to foreign sources. He says there is a difference in behavior between Meth and heroin users. "With heroin they are not necessarily very aggressive. They don't become violent. Folks on Meth or similar substances that have the same reaction, similar reaction, what we are seeing is the violent tendency." He tells me his department and many others throughout the state put a lot of effort into trying to remove the Meth problems.