Beta Theta Restitution
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Most of the court hearings that Penn State Beta Theta Pi are now complete but there are still some unresolved issues that could heavily impact the defendants. Nearly all of the two dozen charged in the case have been sentenced or entered as first-time offenders program on Centre County courts. But there is another issue to be decided, restitution. Newly filed documents from defendants in the case show the more arguing against $220,000. The family of Timothy Piazza, the medical and funeral costs related to their son's death in February of 2017. He died after attending an initiation party at the beta theta pi fraternity. The defendants argue restitution have already been ordered in the case but there is no determination to how it should be divided. Also with the Piazza's filing a civil case against the defendants restitution it should be sought there. Defendants say it's excessive for the charges involved. And probably next up for the restitution issue is a court hearing with all parties involved.