Baseball Fields Flooded
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As heavy rain continues to hit our region, local communities are starting to feel the effects of flooding and other damage. In Northern Cambria, volunteers are out assessing the damage done to their local recreation park, and they say they are no strangers to flood cleanup. "Our fields were under about 4 feet of water," said John Toth with the recreation committee. "It has kind of hampered our process because we just redid two of the fields and now that the water has come through, it has washed a lot of our stuff away, so it is going to be a pretty big cleanup to get it back in so the kids can play." Flood water flowed through the Northern Cambria Recreation Park leaving behind debris and standing water. "When the river comes up, it actually enters in the back part of the field. It's not so much of a swelling and it rises and recedes out," says Toth. "The river will actually flow through here." "In the last flooding we probably had between $5- $10,000 in just field mix, but we had equipment damaged last year and we probably have another $10,000 in repairs from last year," he said.