Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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The local Red Cross chapter held its annual hero award reception may 16th. It recognized as they put it ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to help others. Like Shelly Mcintyer brewer who won the military award. "I do medical evacuations of pediatrics and I work with high risk service members and their family members as well as wounded warriors and veterans and all sorts of people." She says she was inspired to do this work after her daughter was born with pretty serious health problems. "My daughter was born in 2005 missing half of her heart and hurricane Katrina hit shortly after that and so I saw the kids down there who needed help and I couldn't stand by and let things happen so I started to work with our teams in Pennsylvania to see what we could do to mobilize the children to get them up here so we wouldn't lose any of them." Other heroes recognized included a group of students from state college who started something called operation sunshine. "We basically collected donations for a school district down in North Carolina, Robeson schools and we wanted to get as much together as we could." The group raised $9000 in money and supplies. Things like backpacks and notebooks. "These schools were flooded and wiped out. A lot of pets were distraught. Anything to make them feel more comfortable was our goal." "This is a cool school wide effort. We are grateful for that."