Jack Barto
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Victims of former Johnstown pediatrician Johnnie Jack Barto are holding a press conference to discuss lawsuits filed against the disgraced doctor, as well as his doctor's office and Conemaugh Health System. Barto was sentenced in March to 79 to 158 years in prison on sexual assault charges, and at least five of his victims are filing lawsuits, according to their attorneys. Conemaugh has denied wrongdoing Laurel Pediatrics has declined comment. Conemaugh Memorial has released the following statement The actions of Dr. Barto, an independent physician not employed by DLP Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, are reprehensible. That said, we dispute any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of DLP Conemaugh Memorial, which are outlined in the complaint. Also, to clarify, the entity that Dr. Barto was associated with, Laurel Pediatrics, is an independently-owned practice. Providing safe, quality care is our top priority, and Conemaugh Memorial continues to be committed to providing the best possible experience to the patients we serve.