Jail Contraband
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Several Clearfield County inmates and a woman are facing charges after trying to smuggle contraband into the jail through a hole in one of the prison's walls, according to a criminal complaint. Authorities say the inmates used a metal piece from a broken cot to dig a hole in the mortar under a window in one of the cells that was used as a bathroom. The hole was dug deep enough to reach the outside, the complaint says. Back in February, police say 36-year-old Jessica Kyler was at the jail for visiting hours when she was seen approaching the window under which the hole was located. According to police, officials determined Kyler was trying to smuggle contraband through the hole after they listened to recorded phone calls between Jessica Kyler and 43-year-old inmate Eric Kyler. Officials say all outgoing calls made by inmates are recorded and there's an audio disclaimer at the beginning of each call that explains that. Still, police say Eric Kyler and Jessica Kyler had phone conversations detailing their plot. Police say Jessica Kyler placed contraband into the hole that somehow became stuck, prompting her to go get a screwdriver and wire hangar before coming back to the window to push the contraband further into the jail. Furthermore, the criminal complaint says police found a black winter glove in the location near the window and that Jessica Kyler said in the phone calls that she dropped her black winter glove next to the hole. Police say the phone recordings suggest that at least two other inmates, 34-year old Justin Jordan and 26-year-old Mason Miles, were involved in the plan. All four are facing a slew of charges including felony criminal conspiracy and possessing controlled substances and contraband.