New Cell Phone Law
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A newly proposed bill is cracking down on cell phone usage while driving. It's been sent to the transportation committee. For years, Pennsylvania drivers have been able to talk on the phones while driving. This new proposed bill is looking to change that. House bill 37 introduced by rosemary brown would prohibit drivers from having cell phones in their hands while driving. Lawmakers say this is a way to strengthen Pennsylvania's driving laws and make the roads safer. As I mentioned earlier, right now in Pennsylvania, drivers are allowed to talk on the phone while driving. If this bill becomes a law, drivers have to use blue tooth technology or a docking the station to use their phones while behind the wheel. This bill, drivers 18 and under would not be allowed to use their cell phone even if the car have stopped on the roadway. "The amount of damage that can do to someone or other property or pedestrians especially, is just catastrophic. You're going even at a slow speed. You're moving a 2000-pound vehicle down the highway where there's other people. The hand held phones we all multitask. When we're driving, we should be driving not multitasking." The bill would affect drivers who use GPS systems on their phones. If it passes, drivers will be allowed to use the mapping system if it is attached to a surface. I reached out to a couple lawmakers in our area. Representative Jim Rigby got back to me and says once this reaches the house, he will vote yes and says he fully supports the bill. I just want to reiterate this is a proposed bill not a law yet. So folks can still use their phones while driving until and if this does become a law.