Plane Crash Update
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New details released today on a plane crash that killed two people earlier this month in Centre County and the NTSB preliminary investigation shows the plane crashed just minutes after taking off from University Park Airport the NTSB report confirms Joseph and Valerie Bernardo were killed in a plane crash may 1st shortly after taking off from University Park Airport in State College. The NTSB report confirms the Cessna 172 was in the air for about 10 minutes before crashing in a wooded area near Tyrone. The planes last reported elevation was 2050 feet. The ridge was higher and most of the plane was consumed in a post crash fire and the report indicates Joseph Bernardo flight and instrument flight rules plan would've allowed him to fly in the clouds on the overcast day but he opted out of the last minute Bernardo failed to radio back to the control tower after leaving university park airspace and commercial pilot Robert Katz says although conditions at the airport were passable at the time of the flight a pilot must also consider weather conditions and cloud levels for the intended flightpath. "Just because the point of observation indicates a 1200 foot ceiling does not mean that is where the ceiling will be 5 miles away, 10 miles away and so on that is something a pilot must keep in mind when he makes the decision to operate." The NTSB preliminary report does not determine the cause of the crash that will be determined, but that might be another year.