Adams Twp Fire
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A man is lucky to be alive after running into his burning house to save his bets. Authorities say this is nothing new, but decisions like those could cost someone their life. A father and son are starting the workweek with a tragedy. The homeowner smelled smoke. He was upstairs. Not only dealing with the damage from the fire, but the loss of a cat and bird. Officials said the fire happened on Monday morning on the 400 block of crane road. When officials responded to the scene, they weren't just working to put out the flames. They had to rescue the homeowner who ran back inside the captain slipped and well on the floor, helping them back out. And according to the fire chief, this happens quite frequently. Those are your prized possessions that are valuable to you and we understand that, but the heat and the smoke inside that building is tremendous and it is hard to overcome those circumstances to get back out of the building as we would go on. We are prepared for that. But as a civilian, you're not and it is tough inside. In this case they came out okay, but they say that is not always the case.