Inmate Death
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A recent string of inmate deaths have happened at two Centre County state prisons. The latest death nearly 6 weeks ago, and in that case, the 23- year-old inmate's death was ruled a homicide. At this time there has not been any charges filed in the investigation, but there has been very little said about the other deaths. 23-Year-old Derric Harsh inmate died in February after being found unresponsive. The death was ruled a homicide, no word on whether there is a suspected criminal charges that will be filed. It is also a processing center for the department of corrections. "I believe it is a distribution center, where we are interviewing different inmates to be distributed out to different institutions across the commonwealth. You would see inmates of all different spectrum's." The other recent deaths in Centre County state prisons are not suspicious, but they have raised questions. Centre County leaders are telling us they keep in contact with the state corrections department on various issues. "A big discussion we have had with them is when we have transport coming from other places into our courthouse, that is a big place we are working with them, on safety measures, and very much involved with the sheriff with that. But, we know the dials are going on with the community partners." Whether more information will be released on the deaths is unknown. "We do not have to get alarmed yet, we have to know the details are."