Green Leaf Medical LLC.
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A Maryland based medical marijuana grower is bringing operations to Bedford County after multimillion dollar renovations were made to an existing warehouse complex. On Tuesday, community leaders took a tour of the renovations inside the new growing and processing facility for Green Leaf Medical LLC. The buildings had been vacant since Seton Manufacturing left the plant almost 11 years ago. Saxton Borough Council President Lester Meck said, "It was really devastating to the community because there are really no other job opportunities within this area of that magnitude." The departure of Seton Manufacturing forced families to leave the area and left the future of the warehouses in question. "We had roof leaks out here. We weren't certain that the building was even going to be usable in the very near future if something wasn't done with it quickly," Meck said. Green Leaf Medical's CEO Phillip Goldberg knows what the plant meant to Saxton. "This is a building that was really the center of the community for so many years," said Goldberg. The medical marijuana company saw the location as an opportunity to expand its business. The CEO said, when it's finished, the facility will be one of the largest cannabis operations on the East Coast and Saxton is the right place for it. "One of the biggest things is looking for a workforce and a community that is accepting and open-minded," said Goldberg. "That's exactly what he found here in Saxton." Local officials said there was minimal pushback on the idea of bringing Green Leaf to the area. Goldberg said his company's facilities are secure and the company tracks every single product it grows. Goldberg said, "We can ensure that there is no product making its way into the market illegally." "Phil has expressed many times that he is not in favor of recreational use of cannabis," said Meck. "I liken this to Pfizer coming in and manufacturing pain medications in the same facility." The company is confident it will find many dedicated workers in Bedford County.