Fire Death
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Police have identified a woman who they say lit herself on fire while trying to set a pile of utility poles ablaze Saturday in Somerset. Police said the identity of 31-year-old Desiree Fleegle was confirmed through a thumbprint retrieved from the body during an autopsy Monday. The investigation began Saturday when police were called to the scene at Musslemann Avenue in Somerset after a passer-by reported seeing a burnt body next to a pile of charred poles, police said. Police Chief Randy Cox said he expects the official nature and cause of death to be released by Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller will be that Ms. Fleegle's death was accidental due to internal thermal injuries and smoke inhalation that occurred when she became engulfed in a fire she had started in a large pile of discarded utility poles. According to Cox, no evidence of foul play was discovered and no other people were involved with her death or the fire that caused it. Cox said surveillance video viewed as part of the investigation showed Fleegle buying kerosene at a nearby convenience store after telling another individual she was going to camp out in the area. The investigators concluded that Fleegle's attempt to start a campfire led to the flames that killed her, Cox said.