More Charges Filed
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More charges have been filed against a Cambria County pizza shop owner accused of having inappropriate contact with his underage employees. According to a criminal complaint, a fifth person has accused 37-year-old Craig Mazzarese, owner of Craig Mazz's Pizza in Portage, of making inappropriate comments to her and assaulting her in the basement of the restaurant. The alleged victim told police she worked at the pizza place from July 2017 until September 2018, and during that time Mazzarese constantly made inappropriate comments to her and the other female employees who worked there, according to the complaint. The complaint says the girl told police that Mazzarese would tell her how good she looked in her uniform and told her to bend over in front of customers to get better tips. She told police that she got a tattoo on her chest in October 2017 and Mazzarese pulled her shirt down, exposing her, after she refused to show him the tattoo. According to the complaint, another incident happened in August 2018 in the basement of the restaurant. The girl told police she went into the basement, where Mazzarese was sitting at his desk, to collect her paycheck. According to the complaint, she told police it was hot that day, so Mazzarese told her to take her shirt off. When she refused, Mazzarese pulled her against his body, lifted her shirt and assaulted her. The additional charges include several misdemeanors related to harassment and indecent assault. More charges filed against pizza shop owner accused of indecent contact with employees