Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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In Huntingdon County, there is an event smashing their own fundraising efforts year after year. Usually when students from different Huntingdon schools get together on a basketball court, it is for some intense competition. For the last five years, they have also becoming together for a giant student run event that raises money for families in need. It's called Champ "it means Creating Hopes and Making Progress. We always raise a whole lot of money, like thousands of dollars. Giving them this money, makes us feel good about ourselves. We are doing it for a great cause." Juniata Valley hosted the event this year the marathon that brought in over 500 students from New Day Charter, Juniata Valley, Huntingdon , Southern Huntingdon, and Mount Union. "I think it is helping as well. Each year, our total amount is increasing. The more people that come, the more that we can give out to family members and the family members friends. It just keeps growing." This year, the event raised over $61,000 to help nine different local families. "It means a lot. It is awesome" it brought in local political leaders. A former Penn State basketball player and country musician came into perform. "Everybody is competing against each other. But still for the greater good when it comes down to it" students hope to see the event continue to grow.