20 Year old Crime Solved
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An arrest was made in a nearly 20-year-old kidnapping cold case, state police announced Wednesday. Police said that on Sept. 19, 1999, Timothy Nelson of Maryland abducted a 10-year-old girl from a street in Shade Township, put her in his car and drove to West Virginia, where he sexually assaulted her. Nelson released the girl the same day of the assault, police said, but after an extensive investigation law enforcement agencies weren't able to develop any leads Police said in 2004, a DNA analysis connected the kidnapping to two other unsolved kidnapping cases in 1988 in Hagerstown, Maryland, but no arrests were made. Police continued to investigate, and in 2018, Nelson, now 50, was identified through his fingerprints. Nelson was arrested Tuesday morning at the Cumberland Police Department, according to officials. Nelson currently faces 23 charges including rape of a child and kidnap to facilitate felony, and is awaiting his preliminary hearing.