Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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This time of year a lot of people like to drive around and look at holiday lights and in State College there's an easy choice of where to go called state college holiday lights house I talked to the guy who runs and raises money for a cause that is very close to his heart. We see that in this week's service report . " Thank you for visiting our light show ." He's been called the Santa Claus of state college . "Some people like to fish but I like to play with l.e.d. Lights ." Eric Stoner refined his lighting skills by searching holiday lights on the internet " It was the year after my daughter ended up at the emergency room, a couple days before Christmas and the year after I decided I wanted to do something special for the community to remember the kids in the area ." With over 60,000 channels of light, he doesn't even know how many actual lights he has, it is something, especially when you tune into his local transmitter on the radio and realize it's choreographed. His wife, actually does the choreography while Eric does the setup. As you can imagine, it's a year-long project . " We usually hang out here in the summertime and beer and look around what were gonna do for next year and the neighbors off for their input and advice. It's gotten to the point where some of the neighbors are super happy about it. It definitely gets a little crazy ." " Bob Dylan must be Santa, it's fun for everybody, we even have a flossing dancing santa, that's a lot of fun." The show runs from about 530 to 930 each day, there's no charge but he does have a go-fund-me for the project, a local group that gives boxes to kids at the hospital . "When my daughter was in the hospital she received a Jared box, it costs $10 to put together a Jared Box, so anybody can do it in all the money raised will go to the Jared Boxes and stay in Centre County."