How to Apply for Parole
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On Tuesday, we were inside SCI Somerset, where dozens of inmates learned about how best to apply for parole and how to be successful once they're out of prison. Inmates gathered in the state prison's gymnasium to hear about how to talk to parole board members or hearing examiners when the time comes for their parole interview. The other part of the talk focused on how inmates should act when they're out of prison. The state prison system has worked to provide programs to inmates to help them deal with the outside, including how to deal with addiction and other problems. Leo Dunn, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, told us the goal is that inmates will be better when they get out and that they won't come back. "Getting out is relatively easy. The staying out is what's important and more, more importantly, is what is important to society, because that's all about reducing future crimes," said Dunn. Inmates also got a chance to ask questions, including specifics about where they could live while on parole. One inmate asked if parolees could have dogs. The answer to that questions was, generally, yes.