Johnstown Paper Company
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A new local company working to tackle a large blight problem in Johnstown is hoping to tear down its first home since the business started. The owners of the Johnstown Paper Company started spearheading its mission about three months ago. Seth and Chad Gontkovic are selling paper products to work to make enough money to tear down old abandoned houses throughout Johnstown. "We've seen the problem that exists with blight and the limited resources there are to tackle a large aspect of the problem. This business takes advantage of something everyone buys and solves a problem that the community needed solved,""said Chad Gontkovic. On Facebook, the owners encouraged the community to go on and vote for which house they'd want to be demolished first. "We wanted to include the community because this is the community's work. It feels right to let them have a say," said Seth Gontkovic. More than 2,000 votes decided a home on Church Street in Old Conemaugh Borough would be demolished first. The other choice was a home on Strayer Street in the city's West End. The owners said they plan to demolish both eventually. "The poll ended last night. We're going to be filing the paper work for demolition sometime next week. We're hoping it will be torn down by Christmas," said Chad. To continue to help the company spearhead its mission, you can buy a holiday box for $25 that can be shipped for free to your front door. "These are our holiday home boxes. They come with six rolled toilet papers, four rolls of paper towels and two boxes of tissues," said Chad. You can find more information by clicking the Blue Blight Link at the top of this story.