Deer Farm
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Bob Stepien has owned The White Tail Paradise Buck Farm in Mineral Point for 13 years. At first, he tried raising the deer to sell but now they are like family. "You can learn from watching the animal in a more enclosed setting," says Stepien. "It's a little different from what the wild deer are because there is a lot less stress but you get to see their daily routine." But owning the deer farm has brought on its fair share of problems, which usually come in the form of natural causes or other animals. "You constantly have to repair the fence from erosion post rotting," says Stepien. "Numerous fence cuttings, numerous dog attacks that cause me to lose an animal." However, last week, one of his bucks was shot on the property, only 44 yards from Stepien's house. "Something that you can't put a price on is the stress level that you know someone shot in the direction of your house, whether it was an accident or maliciously, you cannot put a price on another human life." Stepien, who was brought to tears because of all the issues, shared this heartfelt message "I wish everybody in the area or whoever has malicious intent or has done something in the past, present or future, that they would reconsider what they are doing. All I want is for human beings to get along. Most intelligent animal on the earth and we can't get along." The PA Game Commission and East Taylor Township are investigating the shooting last week. We spoke with two state game wardens who say the individual could be charged with a summery hunting violation for shooting in a residential area. That infraction could carry a $200 to $500 fine.