BFR Therapy
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A new form of therapy, primarily used for veterans, helped an Altoona teen get back to the basketball court for her senior year. Rachel Prichard spoke with the teen and her therapist about her speedy recovery, and joins us live with the details. After an injury on the court, one question remains. Can I play my senior year? Thanks to a new form of therapy, that answer was yes. Altoona High School senior Olivia Hudson took a shot. When she landed, she knew something wasn't right. "I was going up for a layup, came down, and tore my ACL,MCL everything in my knee. From a simple layup." 8 To 12 months is the average recovery time for this type of injury. Not only did Hudson fear this would impact her senior year, but also her chances for college scholarship. So she thought using what's called blood flow restriction therapy, her recovery time was cut almost in half. "It is definitely making the process go faster, I'm working harder than I would if I wasn't using it. This is originally an eight month recovery, and it cut it back to five." BFR is new to western Pennsylvania.and all of the country, the therapy is being used for help wounded combat veterans. "It incorporates using a tourniquet, going around either the top of your thigh or the top of your arm, and it restricts the blood flow, which in turn restricts the oxygen that is available to the muscles of that extremity well you are exercising." The restriction allows your physical therapy to benefit your recovery at a faster pace than you would see without this method. "When you inflate the tourniquet, there's not much oxygen, not much blood flow getting to the muscles. You are going from 0 to 100 right away, and getting as much benefit as you possibly can from the exercise, as soon as you start." Starting November 20, Hudson will be back on the court, ready for a winning season. "I knew I would be back eventually, I didn't think I would be back for the beginning of the season. I was really worried about that. I worked a lot harder than I would have, if it wasn't my senior year."