No good deed goes unpunished.
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There's an adage that says, No good deed goes unpunished. One Johnstown woman found that out the hard way Monday night. She never imagined that her kindness would put her in danger. Police were called to Daquasha Nunn's home Monday night for a break-in. Nunn knew that the intruder was no stranger. "I laid down and I heard someone banging on my front door and I immediately texted my younger sister," said Nunn. Nunn had just gotten home after working a double shift at one of her two jobs. She said she had just wanted to relax. She didn't immediately panic when she heard the knock but she then heard glass breaking. "When I heard the glass break, I grabbed my purse, which was close to me, and I ran into my bathroom and pretty much barricaded myself in the bathroom," said Nunn. Nunn said she is a recovering addict who has been clean for three years now and that she knows what it's like to struggle. She said she had met and befriended Derick Sola at a Narcotics Anonymous program and, when his living situation wasn't working out, she had opened her home to him. "I was trying to give back what was given to me and he just wasn't who he said he was," said Nunn. Sola broke into Nunn's home Monday night by using a beer can to break a basement window. Nunn said that Sola had stayed with her for several days but, after a fight Sunday, she had asked him to leave. A friend came to her house Sunday and helped her put Sola's belongings into trash bags, which they left on Nunn's porch. When she heard the break-in, Nunn texted her sister to call Johnstown police so that the intruder wouldn't hear her in the house. She said she heard Sola run into her attic and she saw a police officer in her backyard and made a run for it. Within minutes, backup and a K-9 arrived to search Nunn's house. They deemed that it was clear. Nunn asked if an officer could stay with her until her mother came to get her to stay with her for the night. "We got into my bedroom and I noticed that his coat was laying on my floor, and I told the officer, like, This wasn't here before all of this happened. I went to grab my clothes out of my closet and he was in a Rubbermaid case inside of my closet," said Nunn. Nunn said that the officer then drew his gun and waited for backup to handcuff and arrest Sola. According to the criminal complaint, Sola was intoxicated at the time of the incident. Nunn said she is thankful that her young son happened to be staying with family the night of the incident.