Stolen Truck Crash
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Police are investigating after they said a stolen truck crashed into an Altoona home. They said the truck was stolen from Robert's Four Season Inc., a landscaping business, on Saturday night and crashed into the home on Sunday around 9 p.m. Witnesses told police that what appeared to be three juveniles, two males and a female, fled the scene. "These people chose to steal a truck, wrecked it and ran," said Jimmy Walter, who lives at the home. Altoona police said the female who was allegedly involved had blonde hair, glasses and was wearing a grey hoodie. "One of the men was wearing a green hoodie and the other could have facial injuries from the crash," said Sergeant Matt Plummer of Altoona police. Family members who live in the home told us that the truck broke their gas and water lines and left a hole in their home. "It was just a big bang. We were sitting in the living room watching the football game and then you hear big a noise and the house shook," said homewoner, Bob Niemi. Walter said he was sitting just feet away on his recliner with Niemi when the truck came crashing into their home. "They could have killed someone in there and they didn't even care," said Walter. The owners of the landscaping business said their surveillance cameras captured two people walking across Logan Valley Boulevard just before their truck was stolen Saturday night. It also showed the stolen truck leaving the parking lot. The family said the crash not only damaged the outside of the house but also left their dining room in pieces. "The truck had a plow apparatus on the front. That's why it took damage down into the basement. There was a window there, a glass block window. It's all shattered on the floor. The foundation is on the floor. It sheared off the gas meter and water line," said Walter. The family told us they want those involved in the accident to come forward. "The main thing is nobody is hurt. Number two, I hope they take responsibility for their actions. I hope they pay for their actions," said Niemi. Anyone with information should call the Altoona Police Department.