Wheelchair Access
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There's an old saying, that you never really understand someone else's perspective until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Today, county and local government put that saying to the test, but there wasn't much walking going on. Instead, they used wheelchairs. "I haven't have to think about acceptability to be there, I shouldn't have to think about my safety while navigating a city." Visiting Johnstown isn't a second thought for may, but it is for barb. "I don't come here because it is an obstacle." She was wheelchair bound after an accident when she was 21. She has worked to raise awareness about wheelchair accessibility. She shows officials just how difficult it is to navigate downtown Johnstown in a wheelchair. "Sidewalks are one, parking is another, and the curb cut outs too. They are not safe." She thought the best way to show them was through her perspective. "It's tough coming out there. I can feel for people that have to deal with this." " The arm strength, and being able to come up that incline. You don't realize how hard it is." Officials experienced firsthand how challenging it is to get around downtown in a wheelchair. "I'm thinking without any user experience, if I get momentum, I can pop that, and here I was going forward and backward. The grade is not great, it wasn't smooth, and it's definitely, it's a little scary."