FBI investigation
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Treasure hunters are taking legal action in hopes of getting answers on the dig for legendary gold in Elk County. Dennis Parada, owner of Finders Keepers said the group lead the FBI to Dents Run in March to dig for Civil War gold. The FBI said it launched the court authorized excavation of what evidence suggested may have been a cultural heritage site. Parada said he believes the FBI removed the gold, along with silver from a Spanish ship wreck brought in by Native Americans in 1812. Finders Keepers attorney, William Cluck said he's filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the FBI's records. Cluck said initially, the FBI claimed they had no public records. Cluck said the U.S. Department of Justice directed the bureau to complete a more thorough review. Cluck said he's also filed a Right to Know Request with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The FBI stated, FBI investigators must follow the facts. The fact here, as previously stated, is that nothing was found in the excavation. The FBI unequivocally rejects any claims or speculation to the contrary. Cluck said DCNR has a deadline to respond by Monday. He said it's unclear when the FBI will respond to the request.