Foster Grandparents Program
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The Cambria County Foster Grandparents Program started training future foster grandparents on Monday. Foster grandparents have been working in Cambria County since 1965, and there are currently about 75 foster grandparents hired. They work within around 40 different schools and day cares throughout the area. "To see those little faces, I can't wait when I get up in the morning to come here," Ruiz has been a foster grandparent for seven years and currently works at Mom's House of Johnstown. The program is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and sponsored by the Area Agency on Aging. Both sides reap the benefits. "They come and hug me and I hug them back. I feel the love from the little kids and I give back the love," Grandparents in training on Monday couldn't wait to get started. "Hopefully I get to give some hugs and encouragement because I don't think children get enough encouragement to be who they are and walk their own road," said Karen Cook, foster grandparent in training Cook may have yet to start her role as a foster grandparent but she hopes more grandparents get involved. "We help our own children but sometimes other children need grandparents that can touch them and guide them and get them to be positive and great in who they are,"Cook said.